World clock 7SEG Instruction


Inspired by the LCD clock, this is a world clock application with a refined design.
There are 7 different design themes and each of them has 3 different patterns. In total, 21
different views are allowed.Various layouts are supported. Will be a perfect match for the
workplace or living room!


* Time can be displayed only for a selection of cities.
(Bangkok, Beijing, Berlin, Chicago, Dubai, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Johannesburg, London, Mexico City, Moscow, Mumbai, New York, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Seoul, Sydney, Tokyo)


Alarm function – Alarms go off even while using other applications.
Weather function – Today’s weather is displayed for the current location.
World clock function – Time can be displayed for the current location.


Windows 8 snap function – Have the clock by the side even as you use other applications!

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