H2H sensor technology

It is the technology to measure the delicate distance between people and their position. It is possible to apply it to human interface, security, medicines, electrical appliance and sensor of robot sensing human beings, etc.


This technology was developed by support of“Exploratory IT Human Resources Project” at Information Technology Promotion Agency in 2010.


Robot technology

It is the technology to construct hardware and software of robot. It constructs hardware, middleware and knowledge based software of human type robot in whole.
Our special technologies are as follows.

Digital circuit and base analog circuit/development of new sensor/microcomputer, PSoC, etc./each type of circuit CAD (Altium, Eagle, etc.)
Mechanical system including small human type robot, etc./ box type container・IF/servo actuator/ air pressure, artificial muscle such as SMA etc./ forming of resin, rapid prototype/ finishing surface such as metal painted with gold or silver, alumite and coating, etc/ each type of CAD (Inventor, Solid Works, Rhinoceros).
C, C++, Python, Common Lisp, Flash Action Script, Javascript, Perl, PHP, Html5, etc/ OSS embedden middleware(RTM,ROS)/ Android, iPhone application/embedden Linux(SH-Linux board, Beagel board, Gumstix, etc.)/ MatLab/PureData(Max/MSP)